In the still of the night as I gaze out of my window
At the moon in its flight, my thoughts all stray to you
In the still of the night while the world lies in slumber

Oh the times without number when I say to you

Do you love me, as I love you

a-very-dapper-perry sent: Hey, I'm sorry to bother you, but I'm hoping wolfstar fans on tumblr might be able to help me. I'm looking for a RxS fanfiction that included Sirius being turned into a girl via a potion made by Snape for about a month, in the second half of the fic (I'm presuming the first included other pranks back and forth) It has no sex, was not read on FFnet or AO3 and it was a rather long fic. I've been searching my history for hours and I cannot find it, I'd appreciate any possible help <3

Does this sound familiar to anyone?


Just saw this about how Wolfstar is McGonagall’s OTP, so…

  • Nothing can prepare her for the shock of seeing Remus for the first time in 13 years. She takes in his thinness and tatty robes and the silver in his brown hair. He is as mild-mannered as ever and his easy smiles remain, but his eyes are guarded and his smiles wary. Her compassion towards her former student and anger at what he had to go through are overwhelming and she struggles to compose herself as she greets him.
  • She notices that his eyes lingers on the photo on the front page of the Daily Prophet for a long, long time, as if struggling to come to terms with the person that Sirius Black has become.
  • She feels a sense of pride whenever she hears students mentioning how much they like his classes. She remembers an earnest fifteen year old telling her that he wanted beyond anything to teach, only it didn’t really matter what his dreams were because they would never come true anyway. She is glad that this one, at least, came true.
  • They have tea in her office, one day. He is articulate and enthusiastic when he tells her about his classes and students, but hesitant and evasive when she asks him about his life. She tells him to use her name, but he still calls her “Professor”. 
  • She is in the Three Broomsticks, with the Minister of Magic and her colleagues, and as she thinks about how the charming boy who was Sirius Black went on to kill 2 of his best friends and harmed irreparably the one who cared for him the most she can’t keep the bitterness from her voice. She talks about James Potter and Peter Pettigrew but not of Remus Lupin; she knows the Minister would object to having someone previously known to be friends with Sirius teaching at Hogwarts, and further prying might cause them to discover his secret and him to lose the only wizarding job he had in the last 12 years.
  • It is a lot to take in over the course of a single night, and so much had happened from the moment Albus had knocked on her door, hastily whispered that Sirius Black was actually innocent and asked her to keep Cornelius Fudge in his office far from where Sirius Black was. She is furious at Severus for betraying Remus’ secret and she conveys her withering disapproval of his actions in a few curt words. As she bids Remus farewell she notices a slight difference in the way he smiles, with a hint of carefree happiness that she had not seen in 13 years. She remembers the boys that used to furtively kiss in the potions closet and she wishes them luck. 

I know the books were written from Harry’s POV but I would really have liked to see more interactions between characters like McGonagall and Remus because they have quite an interesting relationship from student and teacher to colleagues and it must have been sort of awkward for Remus because McGonagall practically saw him grow up (and fall in love with Sirius). She obviously cares for her students very much and would probably be secretly proud of Remus for being such a great teacher because she always knew that he could do it. 

I had never really thought very deeply into their relationship, but I love this a lot.

Apparently he also told David to treat his lycanthropy as though Lupin was a gay man suffering from AIDs, where his body is betraying him and then there’s the social stigma that went along with it. So that’s how he played him.

I’ve heard that also. I always hear a lot of hate toward Cuaron, but I’m personally very happy with the fact that he was the director to introduce Sirius and Remus.

Anonymous sent: Hi thank you for creating your blog and i have to ask in a previous post on your blog it was typed that the director of PoA the director said for the actors of remus and sirius to act as former lovers is this true I'm really curious now, also do you have any wolfstar sleeping headcannons? thank you

As far as I am aware, yes, Alfonso Cuaron had asked both David Thewlis and Gary Oldman to play Remus and Sirius as though they were former lovers. It’s probably my favorite Harry Potter movie fact :p

I have an inability to write out my headcanons as adorably or thoughtfully as others I’ve seen… so I’ll keep it simple and say I see them as a cuddly pair who enjoy spooning and mumbling ‘I love you’ to each other in sleepy voices when they wake up.




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This is a pretty awesome idea. I’d love to see it succeed.


I ship Sirius and Remus , I didn’t knew it until this afternoon lol


I ship Sirius and Remus , I didn’t knew it until this afternoon lol

Tartan Tribulations - theyshotmyclown - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]


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Written for winterwolfstarwank and the prompt Remus & James.